• So like……this piece is SUPER important to me because it’s for my comic senpai and no amount of words/art can express how much inspiration she’s been. Hamletmachine, thank you for being one of the people to motivate me everyday to work on my own projects and have people love them as much as you do making them. This crossover might have butchered your babies but I hope you like it and please continue doing what you do! ;___; 


Oh my god… This is so freaking funny!

ahahaha HaruxPoolxRin :P
With korean drama music as a background :)

Rin: We need to talk!!!

Haru: Can I put on some pants first???

Oookay, I’m gonna die!!!! *.*

Haru: Pool and I are in love! We have kids, sink bath bucket :P

xD asygsahdfadtcgnzgc omgicanttakethis


ah… lo he reblogueado unas 7 veces en poco más de un año y siempre por la misma persona…

al fin por otra persona!!!

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Trevor knows he is extra special because Trevor’s mommy is always right.

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my science project…. (?)

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Please stay by my side…


  • A word to the wise is enough!


Kawaii dsue X3 on We Heart It.


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Nunca tuve claro lo que quería hacer… siempre fingiendo estar decidida, pero temblando por dentro…
y frente a él, cortando nuestra distancia, por primera vez temblaba estando segura de que eso era lo que quería… por primera vez sentí un deseo más poderoso que mi orgullo, cautivada por sus ojos…


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hotarubi no mori e…